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50th B-Day
Thank You ..."Tracy's Bar and Grill", "Busters" and "Don the Beachcomer" for Putting up with us!!!!!
Mike Anders
Mike Coyne, Steve Meiche, Greg Almquist, Dan O'neil
Gretchen Houser
Besty, Lisa, Patty, Gretchen, Carlo, Mo, Sandy, LL, Greg, John
Steve Meiche,  Mo Matthews, Dave Harrison
Carlo Calderella, Mike Rinearson
Patty Norman, Dolores Diehl-Bennett, Lynn Morey
John Erickson, Carlo Calderella, Dave Harrison
Dolores Diehl-Bennett, Lynn Morey, Lorilyn Yarger-Craig
Chuck Williamson, Mo Matthews, Dolores Lorera-Toth, Kim Wall
Sandy Smyth-Robinson,
Besty Jagger-Muir
Jeanne Muis-Scott , Lorilyn Yarger-Craig
Mike Coyne & Sandy Smyth-Robinson
Sharon Hebert -Sasseen, Karen Wall-Garrison, Susie
Key-Whalen, Cindy Wendt=Benson
Manny, Nancy Caron, Karen Richmond , Nancy Rinearson,
Dolores Loera-Toth, Kim Wall
?, ?, ?, Cindy Wendt-Benson, Beth Wendt
Scott Houghton (cowboy hat), Cindy Popejoy Houghton, Lori Fumar,
Chuck Williamson, Mo Matthews, Debbie Popejoy and ?
Keely Filener-VanZee, Nancy Rinearson
Patty Robb-Trautman , Gilbert Aguirre
Patty Robb-Trautman, Dave Lopez, Sharon, Susie, Karen
LL and Dorpus Dini
Patty Robb-Trautman,Susie Kee-Whalen
Lisa Jarnigan-Bupp, Gretchen Houser
Mo Matthews, Laurie Johns-Anderson, Gretchen Houser, Lorilyn Yarger-Craig
Chuck Williamson & Mo Matthews
Laurie Johns-Anderson & Chuck Williamson
Sandy Smyth-Robinson, Dave Lopez, Teresa Ryan-Wright
Mo, Teresa, Sandy & Gretchen
Susie Kee-Whalen & Lynn Morey
Sandy Smyth-Robinson, Paul Brashier, Chrysta Pennick
Nick Dimas & Susie Kee-Whalen
Gretchen Houser & Laurie Johns-Anderson
Nancy Rinearson & Sandy Smyth-Robinson
Nancy Rinearson, Nancy Caron, Deborah Frydman
Nick Dimas & Paul Brashier
Nancy Rinearson & LL
LL n GNawtee
Roselle McCullough-Leonetti, Gretchen Houser,               
Laurie Hargrove-Krebs
Barbara Mather-Tan, Bob Zellmer, Kim Leslie, Steve Garwood
Kevin (Bo) Long, Greg Jury, Lorilyn Yarger, Steve Hakans
Steve Garwood
Steve Hackman & Dolores Diehl-Bennett
Nick Dimas & Laurie Hargrove
Duane Bergman & Barry Barlett
Lori Feiwell-Mason, Roselle McCullough-Leonetti, Patty Norman,     
Nancy Rinearson
Gretchen Houser & Nancy Caron
Nancy Rinearson
Dolores Diehl-Bennett & Lorilyn Yarger-C
Gretchen Houser
LL, Paul Brashier, Patty Norman
Duane Bergman, Gretchen Houser, Barry Bartlett
Gretchen Houser & Lori Feiwell-Mason
LL & Laurie Johns-Anderson
Barry Bartlett, Nick Dimas, Kevin (Bo) Long, Duane Bergman, Steve Hackman
Lorilyn Yarger-C & Patty Norman
Deborah Frydman, Tammy Parker-Attema, Lynn Morey
Gretchen, Lorilyn, Sandy & Laurie
Dolores, Lorilyn, Gretchen, Laurie, Sandy, Rob, Barry,
Laurie and Duane
Gretchen Houser & Mike Rinearson
Duane Bergman & Bob Zellmer
LL & Gretchen
Barbara Mather-Tan & Bob Zellmer
Dolores, Lorilyn, Gretchen, Laurie, Nancy & Laurie
Nick Dimas, Chuck Williamson, Laurie Hargrove Krebbs, Bill Blatnik
Nick Dimas & Doug Marty
Chuck Williamson, Nick Dimas, Laurie Hargrove Krebbs,  
Dave Lopez , Greg Jury
Happy 50th Birthdays
Millikan Class of 78
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Steve Garwood, Sonja Neilsen, Mo Matthews, Bob Zellmer
Teri Nordstrom (79) Gibert Aguirre, Kelley Dalberg
Eric Boyd telling Steve Garwood that we really cant be 50!
Tom Cvek, Susan Bratton, Paul Lisenby, Eric Boyd
Pepsters...Gretchen Houser, Candee Corwin, Sonja Neilsen
Patty Norman, Mike Anders
Susie Kee Whalenn (77), Patty Robb Trautman
Steve Garwood, Geri Lynn Smith
Sandy Smyth, Mo Matthews, Gretchen Houser,       
Candee Corwin, Geri Lynn Smith
Sonja Neilsen, Chuck Williamson, Mo Matthews Hayes
Patty Norman, Greg Wayne
Sonja Neilsen, Gretchen Houser, Candee Corwin,           
Mo Matthews Hayes
Sandy Smyth Robinson, Gilbert Aguirre, Gretchen Houser
Phil Mobley, Lorilyn Yarger
Steve Garwood, Sonja Neilsen, Mo Matthews,             
Sandy Smyth, Bob Zellmer
Richard Carlsen - Dancing or Sleeping????
Sandy Smyth Robinson, Rob Robinson, Mo Matthews Hayes
Chuck Williamson, Sandy Smyth Robinson
Rob Robinson, Sandy Smyth Robinson
Mike Anders
Patty Norman, Susie Kee Whalen,(77)
Gretchen Houser, Sandy Smyth Robinson
Richard Carlsen
Eric Boyd, Steve Garwood
Mo Matthews Hayes, Betsy Jagger Muir, Sonja Neilsen
Mo Matthews Hayes, Bob Zellmer, Sandy Smyth Robinson
Gretchen Houser, Chuck Williamson, Mike Anders
Patty Norman, Greg Wayne
Billy Blatnik, Patty Robb Trautman
Betsy Jagger Muir, Mo Matthews Hayes
Bob Zellmer, Billy Blatnik
Betsy Jagger Muir, Steve Garwood
Gilbert Aguirre, Geri Lynn Smith
Patty Norman, Paul Lisenby
Geri Lynn Smith, Chuck Williamson
Gilbert Aguirre
Eric Boyd, Betsy Jagger Muir
Candee Corwin, Bob Zellmer
Greg Wayne, Mike Anders
Richard Carlsen, Patty Norman
Candee Corwin, Billy Blatnik, Eric Boyd
Chuck WIlliamson, Patty Norman
Bob Zellmer, Mo Matthews, Billy Blatnik, Sandy Smyth
Billy Blatnik, Candee Corwin, Betsy Jagger Muir
Gretchen Houser, Paul Lisenby
Christy Caltrider, Gilbert Aguirre
David Nejdl, Lorilyn Yarger-C
Kim Wall, Sandy Smyth-R, Nancy Caron
Sonja Neilsen
Susie Kee, Patty Norman, Patti Rob
Tammy Kover-Collingsworth
John Burns, Lorilyn Yarger-C, Gilbert Aguirre
John Burns, Gilbert Aguirre
David Nejdl, Christy Caltrider
Sandy Barrett-Thabet, Pam Foulkes-Benefiel
Kim Wall, Nancy Caron
Dave Lopez, Carlo Calderella
Lynn Taylor, Patty Norman
Lynn Taylor, Christy Caltrider, Trudy Elkins
John Burns
Carlo Calderella, Gilbert Aguirre
Kim Wall, Sandy Smyth-R, Nancy Caron
Lorilyn Yarger-C, Christy Caltrider
Mr. Benefiel and Pam Foulkes-Benefiel
Gilbert Aguirre, Christy Caltrider
Bob Zellmer, David Acuna
Bob Zellmer, Marcia Bender
Christy Caltrider, Marcia Bender
Gretchen Houser, Greg Jury
Chris Clad
Christy Caltrider, Lorilyn Yarger, Marcia Bender
Chris Clad,Lynn Taylor
Drummer Michael Rinearson
David Acuna, Michael Rinearson, Justin
Michael Rinearson and Band
Gretchen Houser, Susie Putnam
Greg Jury,Lynn Taylor
Gretchen Houser, David Acuna
Bob Zellmer, John Burns
Greg Jury
Michael Rinearson
Patty Norman, Sandy Smyth-R,  Big Rock
Tracy Jackson, Bill Blatnik
Sandy Smyth-R, David Acuna
Susie Putnum, Gretchen Houser, Lorilyn Yarger, Lynn
Susie Putnam, Tracy Jackson
Tracy Jackson
Bill Blatnik, Courtney
Webb, Jason and Mama Lorilyn
David Acuna, Lorilyn Yarger
Gretchen Houser, Lorilyn Yarger, Lynn Taylor
Sandy Smyth-R aka Our Fergie
Christy Caltrider, Susie Putnum,Chris Clad, Marcia Bender
Sandy Smyth-R, Christy Caltrider
Richard Carlsen
The Patty Norman, Gil, Sandy Smyth-R,
Kiss Sandwich
Susie Kee-Whalen, Patti Rob
Lorilyn Yarger and Martin the Martini
Richard Carlsen
John Burns, Christy Caltrider
Lorilyn Y, Tracy Jackson, Sandy S
Lorilyn Yarger, Chris Clad
Sandy Smyth-R, Gilbert Aguirre
Rob Robinson, Gilbert Aguirre
Nancy Rinearson
Rob Robinson, Susie Kee, Bob Zellmer,
Sandy Smyth-R
Marcia Bender, Bill Blatnik
Lynn Taylor, Tracy Jackson